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  • peppeek peppeek Oct 26, 2011 10:20 AM Flag

    More "wealth redistribution" by Obama

    Oddly no one talks about the unfair wealth redistribution from the poor to the rich, ever think about that? A whole lot more of that going on than the other way.
    You people in the right wing radical extremist camp should come back down to earth and just be normal average conservatives like Ronald Reagan and Pres. Obama.

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    • "unfair wealth redistribution from the poor to the rich"

      Explain. i gotta hear this....

      • 1 Reply to ghosananon
      • you are not willing, or possibly able, to understand. you must not know any rich people, to understand the extent of their special access to the treasury, in the form of low taxes, tax law influence, and DEDUCTIONS. Reagan called them LOOPHOLES. Poor pay rent to the rich, the rich deduct their second home in Pebble Beach off their taxes to compensate for the rental income, as one example. The result is tax free money to the rich person. Why do they get this deduvction, as only one example? This is real money flowing to the rich, from the TREASURY. The renter gets no deduction for paying rent, the owner deducts everything. I do know rich people, and the treasury pampering, just like Warren B says they get, is disgusting. When Warren tells you it is unfair, at least listen to that.

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