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  • onehot_fun_usa onehot_fun_usa Dec 1, 2011 9:23 AM Flag

    Who said Healthcare Reform Was Free?


    Everyone pays. But working people pay reasonable rates.

    In effect now:

    1. Dependents are carried on parents policy until age 26.

    2. Cannot be refused due to pre-existing issues.

    Does anyone NOT like those sane benefits?

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    • Scott Walker, the Wisconsin governor on the front lines in the fight against big government unions, says the recall effort against him will fail simply because people want accountability and fiscal honesty. He's fighting a corrupt system in which taxpayer money is used for union dues and political activity that aids only the candidates who help the unions.

    • How about Software Reform? How do we know Windows 8 won't be another Vista Fiasco?

    • I don't.

    • lord_snivel_drivel_project lord_snivel_drivel_project Dec 1, 2011 10:21 AM Flag

      >>> 1. Dependents are carried on parents policy until age 26.

      The problems with this are because the employers are paying a share of the premiums.

      If you do away with health insurance through employers then this problem goes away too. Families just buy the health insurance they need for their families.

      Notice that you have little problems adding even 30 year old household members to your family auto policy. Why? Because the family is paying for this, not the employer.

      Give peop;e more money in their paycheck and tell them to go buy their own private health insurance.

      Note that auto insurance is also cheaper than health insurance in part because it is not sold through group plans of employers. In short, there is competition for the coverages and price.

      The health insurance market is an impaired market BECAUSE it is sold primarily through employers group plans - mush less price competition.

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      • You got it all backwards. Insurance companies are notoriously nasty. Auto, life, and home insurances are highly group oriented. Some is correct because a bad driver should pay more and an older person who chose to not get life insurance earlier should pay more. Health care insurance is not the same thing. It is impossible to pay for the health care of sick people without the group effort.

        Let's say your child of 22 gets brain cancer, which happens, and they haven't found a group plan, with a job, what are they going to do?
        #1. They can't get insurance because now they are in the higher payout group and have a condition.
        #2. They can't be on their parents group plan becase they are too old
        #3. They die of brain cancer at 23.

        If you have a home you probabaly have home insurance. Do you expect to get that money back you paid in? No, it is insurance, some will collect, some will not. I have paid it for over 40 years with not a claim. I am paying for the possibility of needing a large sum of money.

        My brother in law paid in for many years made two small claims, they dropped him,had a very hard time to get another policy.

        My sister died of cancer at 47 in 1987, her bills were in the hundreds of thousands. The insurance company wouldn't pay, said she wasn't employed. She was, and after her death her husband had to take them to court to get paid and he won. Scum bags.

        That's your beloved private sector behavior.

    • Only if they are insane, which looks like might be the case.

      The GOP party in a nutshell, empty talk, unqualified candidates.

      That they will not come out and answer your question, says it all.

      Who in their right mind would want to be turned down by an unsurance company for a pre existing condition, and then die from it, or live in debt forever trying to pay the bills. That's what happens every day right now.

      Thank you President Obama, job well done.

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