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  • justcheckingagain_ justcheckingagain_ Dec 16, 2011 10:54 PM Flag

    MSFT$26 is GREATER THAN(>) GOOG$626.


    Price per share $26 $626
    Outstanding shares 8.41B 324M

    Gross Yearly Sales $71B $35B
    (as of 6/2011)
    Profit Margin 33% 26%

    CASH $56B $42B

    PE 9.45 21

    *Playing Adjustments: If MSFT would have to reverse split 26times to be at the 324M outstanding shares.and MSFT price per share would be $647, even at the current 9.45PE. On the other hand if GOOG would have to split its stock issuing 26 per 1 share, its stock price would had been around $25 at 21PE today. But the real value here is MSFT‘s low PE. (see below)


    Price per share $647 $25
    Outstanding shares 324M 8.41B

    Gross Yearly Sales $71B $35B
    (as of 6/2011)
    Profit Margin 33% 26%
    CASH $56B $42B

    PE 9.45 21

    *NOTE: MSFT had consistently deliver upward Yearly Revenues at current 33% Profit Margin. IMO:Current outlook on its product and services of whom would be generating billions itself in the next several years namely: XBOx, KINECT, XBOX+Kinect+TV,Cloud 365, OFFICE, PC, soon Windows phone, Windows 8, LYNC, connected devices….etc…Give it another quarter, IE6,8 to IE9 default updates would strengthen IE9 browsers position against Chrome. The anticipated Billions of dollar in Royalty/licensing from Android devices and CASh positions are a great source of money for marketing windows phone/Bing going forward.
    *CONCLUSION:: GOOG IS WAY OVERVALUED while MSFT is WAY UNDERVALUED. With many controversies and legal issues GOOG is facing, $35Billion CASH could easily vanish while MSFT stockholders gets extra a 3% dividend. MSFT will be a TRILLION DOLLAR Company in the next 10years.

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    • MSFT>GOOG...REITERATED! IF MSFT has to be near GOOGs PE now, it will be priced at $1500/share. But, MSFT is not a HYPE is humbled to be where it is...recent confirmation purchases comes from BILLIONAIRES, MULTI-Million dollar innvestors and MM, who believe on the fundamental value & growth combined. RARE!

    • >buying it in the last 11 years,<

      MSFT was a great short 11 years ago, yet another money making opportunity you missed out on.

      >Find a link to heaven on the IntarWebs yet?<

      I already posted one, and when you post a link to counter I will be glad to post another link.
      You see, institutions can be real or imaginary, it's still a institution either way.

      >you have no way to help us find a good investment on a down stock holding a poor performing stock.)<

      If you're holding a poor performing stock, that's your problem, not mine. You might want to take the Investing for Dummies course. And or you could follow some of my RT Trades on the AAPL thread during market hours, I must have posted 50 daytrading points gain the last couple weeks holding from a few minutes to a hour or so.
      You don't have a clue.

    • > @#$%. < It's true unlike you heretic how many have you had?,I bet you hold the record for the most & the sleaziest most aborted ids on the net, you truly belong in the POS hall of fame.

    • Only need one ID inspector shetforbrains,if you want to talk to an ID expert talk to that chutney breath perv, heretic or hawkkook.

    • >After all they have managed the company and the stock perfectly. For people that needed a write-off instead of a profit<

      Just how ignorant are you? MSFT was the best IPO in history presenting more opportunity to make money than any other, 1k MSFT bot at IPO made over $17MILLION DOLLARS profit while that low life AAPL IPO only made $800k so you can stop bragging about that POS and face reality.
      And while your're at it, brush your teeth and gargle.

    • >Heaven is neither an institution nor is it "eduacated".<


      "s heaven an institution for higher learning,"

      >This Paul Gangus?:<

      nightly business report.

      >hundreds of thousands of folks who are underwater on their shares<

      So? Who's fault is that? Did bill Gates force them to buy MSFT shares at the wrong time?

      You're responses are that of a pitiful dispicable loser who still lives at home with mommy.

    • foad you wretched old troll.

    • >you buffoon<

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