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  • stocks_gone_wild stocks_gone_wild Mar 1, 2012 4:24 PM Flag


    First it came up with a touch screen that I can't use on my pc monitor. Then they took out the whole start menu system on the pc desktop screen. So Win8 is working behind the touch screen os. That's crazy. I'm going to stick with Win7 Ulitimate. That's plenty good.

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    • I found a way to make Windows 8 more user friendly. Just boot off of a Linux Mint 11 DVD and you can install Windows 8 and Linux 'side by side'. You'll have a dual boot with Linux. When you need a user friendly desktop, just select Linux Mint in the GRUB boot menu instead of Windows Recovery Environment. You can download the Linux Mint 11 ISO file here, then burn it to a DVD.

    • Did you try closing an app? They took away the red X in the upper right corner too. The tile interface is totally gay. It definitely won't convince XP users to upgrade! Microsoft should leave Windows alone and create a separate OS for mobile devices. This 'One Size Fits All' approach never works. I'm not gonna buy one of their Zune/Vista/Kin mobile devices, and I'll stick with Linux on My Computer.

      At least shareholders seem impressed by Windows 8. MSFT shares are at a 4 year high, thanks to the Windows 8 hype. It could also be the prospect of Ballmer leaving and Microsoft getting a new CEO. MSFT shares will be back to 25 when the hype is over.

    • First of all you have to understand how the tiles work. You can put whatever tiles you like. You can access all your apps and pin them for quick access. I really think PC users might not be that happy but will score big for the table, netbook and smart phone market.

      It's a hit!

    • do you have a mouse and keyboard? it is not that bad.

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