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  • reasonableme53 reasonableme53 Aug 21, 2012 9:49 AM Flag

    Yes Dorothy, Obama Voted For Infanticide

    Yes Dorothy, when he was in the Illinois Senate, President Obama voted in support of infanticide three times. He then took the floor of the Illinois Senate to justify his votes to murder innocent babies. Now he lies about it and the far left media who are in bed with him hide the ugly truth from the public.

    We are not talking about abortion or even partial birth abortion ... which are terrible things .... we are talking about murdering babies AFTER they are born. That's what Obama voted for.

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    • Well,how about Obama ... he has no conscience. He voted for infanticide and he is a racist.

    • Here is almost incoherent peppeck introducing yet another dodge of the issue. Darn these liberals, they can invent issue dodges faster than the speed of light and phrase them so incoherently that it takes a while to attach any meaning at all to them. Their strategy is to just keep throwing sh**t and maybe the opponent will give up. What a shameless and worthless crew.

    • >unless you yourself want to spend YOUR life raising the rape/incest children, probably you haven't got a lot to say about it.<

      Outstanding! Therein lies the pivotal fly in the disturbed and distorted ointment of the ghosananons, reasonablemes, and harrydokes that preach their sewage on this and other discussion forums.

      The rank hypocrisy of interjecting their religious dogma and/or political convictions into matters in which they have NO personal stake and for which they have neither personal responsibility nor obligation to deal with the lifelong sorrow and aftermath of, creates a stench of holier than thou self righteousness that sickens the senses of all logical, rational and intelligent persons.

      They are quite happy telling everyone else how to live and think in complete disregard of the fact that their puritanical fanatic mores started to go the way of the dodo bird during or before the 19th century.

      Things are the way they are now because it is the will of the people that they be so. Yet all these little Adolfs insist on goosestepping around tilting at windmills that spin perpetually and relentlessly on into the future utterly beyond their control, hurling hatred, contempt and vitriol three hundred sixty degrees as they go.

      Props on crystallizing the argument into a single coherent and undeniable truth.



    • whsteffanmsn Aug 21, 2012 11:58 AM Flag

      >>I have no idea. Fill us in.>>

      well you are a stooopid SOB but you know what Im talking about you scumbag liar

    • "how does it feel to be a congenital liar who is trapped in the dark ages of anti intellectualism"

      I have no idea. Fill us in.

    • whsteffanmsn Aug 21, 2012 11:53 AM Flag

      hey ghosanon how does it feel to be a congenital liar who is trapped in the dark ages of anti intellectualism

      your post is 99% lie and about 1% attempt at rabble rousing

      Do you know that the people who stink up the United states with their looney antiabortion views will be dead and buried and the kind of medical procedures you rail against will survive -just like burning witches and indeed believing in witches has all been lost to the ages due to the rise of intellectualism across the world

    • the angry atheist goes down in flames....sputtering and swearing the whole way!

    • who gets to raise your child not father of your child, error correction.

      What about all those cute little families in church every Sunday? They pick and choose and time the cute little children. What about God's will, and what about all those little eggs flushed away every month, aren't they ready to be children too?

    • ++President, being Christian, has difficulty with it, but some kind of decision has to be made, and unless you yourself want to spend YOUR life raising the rape/incest children, probably you haven't got a lot to say about it.++

      well put, if a decision has to be made, who should make it, the family involved, or big government ? the wingnuts would opt for big government, a further indication of their hypocrisy..

    • Your limited thinking capacity combined with your apparent fascination with brutalizing children is disturbing to say the least.

      Fact is, you have failed to explain how concern about abortion negates concern for born and living children. That's because it doesn't, except in your twisted and limited mind.

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