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  • gregjanetommax gregjanetommax Sep 12, 2012 4:56 PM Flag

    if Obama is re-elected how much harm will another debt downgrade and $21T in debt do 4 years from now?


    Nobody seems to care about unemployment as it surges in 47 states. 45% on Welfare, so what. I am retired living the good life. Golf, Maui and Kauai every 6 months. His policies are no. 1 not job growth so what the heck if thats what people want. Went down to the elementry school and holy cow hundered were eating breakfast there. Someone said part of welfare. How high could that 45% go heading for 5 years after the recession. I'll vote for Romney but heck if the people want a failure you can have him. Corzine, Black Panthers, ha ha the thug is all yours. $800B stimulus and $500B blown on whats next? Something wierd every week but people like him.

    Libtards howl but nobody has ever found anything bad on Romeny even the lib state of Mass still love the guy, they blasted Axelrod when he tried to discredit Romeny. Oh wll what the heck.

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