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  • topinvestgun1 topinvestgun1 Sep 20, 2012 10:33 PM Flag

    Strength in WIndows 8 launch

    Now, iPHONE is out of the way, MSFT is going to rocket to new highs. The giant has so much in the war chest that it can fight and win any war. It can through in feebies, lower license fee, provide supports and free software, skpye on mobile phone, free Office, Outlook, CRM, Finance and content. Plus, eco system is lining up, MS music store, app store, at & t , Verison, Nokia, HTC, Samsung, and more more, the army is having strong alliance from gamers, business, developer, even government!.
    The Microsoft era is coming, Microsoft store is flourishing, with Surface, multimedia gadget, who knows what else in their sleeves, but I know the current forward P/E 9 will have lots of room to grow while you collecting ever increasing dividend that will be paid soon, With the wining of the patent war against Android, Andrioid is handicapped! iPHONE is for kids and consumers. Microsoft phone is for business, RIMM will surrender or get bought out using the round error in Microsoft balance sheet. .

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    • I'm long MSFT but I'm concerned for the Win 8 launch. Just read a review in Maximum PC and the Metro interface has me turned off. There also looks to be little interest in gamers to upgrade. I would like upgrades in software to allow more options not fewer and certainly not cumbersom options like metro. Guess its time for some covered calls.

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    • I agree. As everyone has been caught up in the Apple drama, Microsoft has been quietly positioning themselves for the future. Look at Cornings Glass video, and Microsofts Future video, and the patent they just filed for. The companies are on the same page. Windows 8 will be the link, between their tablet, phone, car, desktop, TV, XBOX.

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    • After holding this stock for many years and even reinvesting dividends, I sincerely hope that you are correct. However, after waiting this long, I'll believe it when I see it. Furthermore, this company is holding on to so much cash per share, that they should have declared another special dividend like the $3.00 per share that they paid out several years ago. Why haven't they done this? IMHO it's because the management doesn't care about most of the shareholders! I am not impressed by the steady but paltry dividend increases over the last several years.

    • Apple is set to launch it mini iPad in first or second week of October! As big or bigger then the iPhone5 launch.

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    • Oh, the money generation machine also has been increasing its market share in BING and Ad market that worth multi-billiont dollar a year!

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