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  • plmartin_2012 plmartin_2012 Sep 24, 2012 11:06 AM Flag

    We Need To Get Out of Afghanistan


    We should have started withdrawing troops quickly the day after OBL was killed. There is currently no leadership, strategy or direction in the White House, and our boys are dying. Of the 2,121 troops killed in the 11 year war, 75% of them have occurred in the last 4 years. Outrageous. Of the $557 billion spent, 60% has been spent in the last 4 years. Unacceptable.

    Yeah, yeah, yeah ... Bush started the war. Boosh dood it! Boosh dood it! It has been Obama's war to command since the day he stepped into office. I wonder how many more will die until we can get the Golfer in Chief out of the Oval Office.

    Oh, and where is the used-to-be-mainstream media with its daily body count, as they so solemnly and gleefully reported when Bush was in office? Mysteriously went silent on the war once the Saviour was inaugurated, huh?

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