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  • ghetto_trash ghetto_trash Oct 2, 2012 2:52 PM Flag

    Bush inherited one of the biggest market meltdowns in history from Clinton

    You didn't hear him whining.

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    • hahahacreek Oct 2, 2012 11:09 PM Flag

      President Romney will inherit a mess in January. Then everything will be Obama's fault.

    • Bullsnot!

      "NEW YORK - Does the president affect your portfolio? Candidates would certainly like you to think that the answer is yes, and that the particular candidate doing the talking is better than the other guy.

      Over the years, several studies have shown that the stock market has fared markedly better under Democrats than Republicans. (see: "The Presidential Portfolio") The difference, according to Pedro Santa-Clara and Rossen Valkanov, both professors at the University of California Los Angeles Anderson School of Business, is much too large to be random and cannot be explained by fluctuations in the business cycle. Nor can it be explained by higher interest rates in Republican administrations.

      The UCLA professors looked at data going back to 1927. Our own study of the post-World War II presidencies confirms their results. We found that the S&P 500 has averaged a total return of 14.1% per year under Democratic presidents since April 1945, and 11.8% under Republicans. The best total returns--17.4% per year--were under Bill Clinton, whose presidency ranked first in economic results. (see: "Presidents And Prosperity") Gerald R. Ford ranks second, followed by Harry S. Truman. "

      google "stock market under bill clinton" and read the Forbes article, 5th down the page

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