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  • hawcreek12 hawcreek12 Oct 29, 2012 1:56 PM Flag

    I bet it is killing Obama's re-election odds that he won't answer who denied help in Libya


    This story has legs.

    The military creed is leave no one behind. It's looking more and more like the Commander in Chief left 4 behind.

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    • But Petraeus can quit practising his 2016 RNC acceptance speech in front of the mirror and get on the stick for a change.

    • Romney said to President Obama at debate, "you said spontaneous demonstation" Romney got his facts from foax news and never even listened to the rose garden speech. Romney made the biggest blunder of al times in a debate and was a caught red handed as a fool. Case closed on that.

      Now trying to divert that huge blunder and disqualification to be President, by Romney, is wasted time.

      But you have a lot of that to waste, so proceed governor, have at it 24/7 haw haw haw hawr.

      Sentiment: Buy

    • Nor will he answer any questions about his Fast and Furious cover-up where him and Holder murdered 3 American border agents with the guns that THEY sold to the Mexican Drug Cartel.

      Remember when the nit wit Hillary was running around on one of her crazy tirades about weapons were coming into Mexico from the United States so as to further her gun confiscation plan by framing Americans?

      Well, she wasn't counting on anyone finding out that it was her, Holder and Hussein THAT WERE DOING IT.

      Hussein, Holder and Hillary are doing all they can to disarm the U.S. because you can't control a people, if they're ARMED.

      And when their communist plot to frame Americans for THEIR crimes backfired, all the Musllim did was simply, SEAL THE RECORDS,............ that of course, incriminated the whole commie lot of them.

      Odd that only the F&F whistle blower American Patriots are the only ones being punished but not the criminals like the head of the ATF, Melson, who because of his promised silence was relocated to some cushy desk job counting paper clips for 300K a year at at tax payer expense.

      And others were given overseas assignments to ensure their silence.

      And as for the other culprits, they're still in the WHITE HOUSE.

      Ps. The Kenyan already hurried up and sealed the Benghazi videos that will send him to the gallows and there's no amount of money Donald Trump can offer the Musllim for him to release ALL of his records and videos for the aforementioned reason.

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