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  • xcrewshe8n xcrewshe8n Nov 2, 2012 7:54 AM Flag

    Bloomingidiotberg holds race in NYC while people are starving and freezing and Obamma campaigns?

    No can really be unpatriotic and stoopid enough to vote for that bloodthirsty e vill Musllim and his commies cronies like Bloomberg the clueless maggot that has 2 generators for his race officials that are capable of powering 500 homes that are WITHOUT POWER AND THE PEOPLE ARE COLD AND HUNGRY.

    All that matters is Bloomingidiotberg's glory and the commie Kenyan's nefarious fame.

    If only this was on Bush's watch because then the commie leftist media would be all over it and getting the people in NYC and NJ the help they need instead of covering for their bloodthirsty Musllim Messiah while he's having fun campaigning and partying sweeping Benghazi-Gate under the rug.

    So much for the dead in Jersey, NYC and the soon to be dead from freezing and starving, but hey, I'm sure they're happy knowing their Musllim Messiah is comfy and cozy and Bloomberg's race day is rosy.

    F huck all you it e its that would even contemplate voting for the e vill bloodthirsty D min killer Kenyan let alone doing it.

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