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  • hawcraper hawcraper Nov 2, 2012 11:29 AM Flag

    Will The Right Wing Talking Teads Make a Retraction ???


    Will the Right Wing Talking Heads make any kind of Retraction for giving OPINIONS instead of Facts ???? Probably Not.....they will just go on talking.

    "New Benghazi Account Bolsters CIA"

    "A senior U.S. intelligence official also insisted that the CIA security team that initially responded to the attack was not given orders "to stand down in providing support," as had been suggested in media reports."

    "There were no orders to anybody to stand down in providing support," said the official. The official's comments appeared to be a direct rebuttal of a Fox News report that CIA teams on the ground had been told by superior officers to "stand down" from providing security support to the consulate."


    "According to the official, upon learning of the attack at the consulate, the security team at the annex responded "as quickly and effectively as possible." The official described how the security team tried to rally additional support from local Libyan forces and heavier weapons, but that when that could not be accomplished "within minutes" they moved out to the compound. The official called the security team "genuine heroes" who risked their lives to save those at the compound.

    According to the new timeline the annex received a call at 9:40 p.m. local time that the consulate was coming under attack. A team of six CIA security operatives left the annex for the mission within 25 minutes of that call.

    Over the next 25 minutes the security team approached the compound and attempted to secure heavy weapons. They encountered heavy enemy fire when they entered the consulate compound to locate Stevens and the other Americans who were there at the time of the attack."

    Why Are The Right Wing Wackos Soooooooo Void of Factual Information ???

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    • Pretty much destroys the hawteams work the past week or so. It was just a diversion anyway, away from romney telling the President he said spontaneous demonstrations in the Rose garden speech. When of course nothing of the kind was said, but it was lied about on faux news.
      In conclusion Romney gets his ideas from Faux news talking heads.

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      • 1 Reply to peppeek
      • You know it has been a joke before, but looking into Norquist and the power he oddly has, it must come from big money behind him.

        Faux news, and even down to the little liars about Obama on here like hawcreek12 and aliases, must be paid shills. It does fit, why anyone would be so determined and spend so much time at it, like they are at a paid job. I think I got it right on that one now.

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