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  • xcrewshe8n xcrewshe8n Nov 5, 2012 7:34 AM Flag

    Zeh Furhrer sez Voting is zeh "!!!!BEST REVENGE!!!!"


    Yes, the D min E vill Musllim is quite serious and quite insane just as his hero Hit ler was.

    Now you know why Hussein called Americans "his enemy" in that Latino radio show interview.

    Don't forget, there were some good German people and they were too afraid to stand up and say something for fear of reprisal from their German "Messiah" of the time.

    That's the problem, liberals make demigods out of their leaders and delusionally worship them as their Messiahs while conservatives just want someone who can do the job and suffer the consequences if they screw up and in the liberal's eyes their "Messiahs" can DO NO WRONG.

    Ps. Don't be a sheep, stand up and speak, stand up against the eve ill one that calls Americans his "enemy" and to take "revenge" against them,... vote the Musllim out of the white house or he will have you stepping into the buildings with "Showers" signs above the doors.

    But don't worry, some like THAT could NEVER happen.

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