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  • predisposable_nym_01 predisposable_nym_01 Nov 8, 2012 9:34 AM Flag

    hawcreek12, non reading, lying S.O.S.

    From balzy's thread, creek wrote:

    "You're so stu-pid you apparently don't realize what you posted, you specifically said those earning over $250K could easily afford it, learn English, Moe."

    Here, liar, is that post repeated in its entirety:

    ""It's called "compromise". The word may no be in Obama's lexicon."


    That's so funny I almost sprayed my iMac with coffee.

    We learned all about the GOP's attitude toward "compromise" listening to Mitch McConnell's constant declaration that the GOP's primary and most important goal was to unseat Obama.

    We learned all about the GOP's attitude toward "compromise" watching an obstructionist Republican controlled congress refuse to consider any plan to increase revenues to pay for the legitimate functions of government if it meant taking one more penny from those that could most easily afford it, even those entities that are the most abusive when it comes to hiding assets offshore and exploiting every possible loophole in the tax code to keep from paying their fair share.

    An obstructionist Republican controlled congress blocked every POTUS initiative from 2010 to the present and fought tooth and nail against everything prior to that from 2008 going forward.

    You can sit around in your underwear in mom's basement sucking on your sour grapes and rewriting history to suit your pitiful fantasies but some things are rooted solidly in a reality that you refuse to acknowledge or accept.

    Obama won reelection.

    You lost and your political philosophy has been thoroughly repudiated by a majority of voters and the electoral college that represents them.

    He will be in office for another four years.

    He will appoint the next Supreme Court justices.

    He will continue to shape the future of America in ways that you hate but which will benefit the majority of our citizens, many of which you would disenfranchise and cast by the wayside.

    I could continue this list for the rest of the day.

    Suck it up loser, all you can do is whine and bash, accomplishing absolutely nothing."

    Please quote the exact portion that contains any mention of "$250K"

    C'mon, you lying sack of garbage. Where is it?

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