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  • hawcreek12 hawcreek12 Nov 13, 2012 8:37 AM Flag

    Obama supporters love other people's money more than the Constitution


    The idio-cy of Peepeekook and the like say 5% more is not too much to ask when Obama is giving money from the Federal coffers to the UAW is astounding.

    A robber breaks into your home and catches you counting out the month's budget in cash. He starts to take all $3000 but takes pity when you say your family will starve so he leaves you $300 for food.

    In the leftist's mind that robber "gave you a break" because he stole less.

    Not another penny until spending is addressed.

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    • Bank and wall street CEOs love other people's money more than the constitution, and they are Bush, Obama and Romney supporters. All 3 were on board with the idea of corporate freeloaders robbing the middle class blind by taking bailout money from the taxpayers after they intentionally crashed the economy while short selling their own stocks. Corporate welfare costs us far more than the lazy single mom collecting food stamps and cranking out babies. The lazy single mom can't afford a lobbyist.

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    • just because you never had to pay taxes in your life because you never held a job long enough doesnt give you the right to advocate being a slacker on taxes. Those who work are the most able to pay and it is their duty as American citizens to pay them instead of being a bunch of slackers all the time and trying to weasel out of it

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      • They always fail to mention it is just going back to the Clinton taxes. They fail to mention, time and again, because it hurts what they say. The tax is only on the amount above 250k agi, not gross income, and it applies to the rich as well. After all your deductions, expenses,and payroll. They leave out the details. Anyone not supporting the tax cut expiration for the people making over 250k net has to be a little nuts. Who in this audience of 5 makes over 250k adjusted gross income? You'd have to be a little nuts not to see Grover and the money behind him, are behind the objections. Thank God we have Obama in there on our side, thank God.

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