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  • cyber_critiquer cyber_critiquer Nov 13, 2012 11:46 AM Flag

    For Business, Windows 8 Can Wait


    "When Microsoft launches Windows 8 on Friday, it’s hoping to lure both consumers and businesses to use its live-tile operating system. While it remains to be seen whether consumers will be lining up to buy it, one thing is clear – most businesses, large and small, aren’t going to bother. Businesses looking to upgrade their systems now that Microsoft’s support for XP is disappearing will overwhelmingly choose Windows 7, experts say. In fact, most companies have already picked Windows 7 and have no plans to upgrade to Windows 8."

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    • Businesses could go to the Solaris operating system but as long as Win 7 is available they will stick with the familiar.

      In fact I think having two different types of Win operating systems is a great idea. There just needs to be the choice of the two.

    • I purchased W8 at the discounted pre-order price for a desktop but after learning how much effort it would take to get W8 to behave even close to W7 I concluded I have no desire whatsoever to have W8 on any desktop or any device other than maybe a tablet. I'm returning the package unopened.
      W8 is so awful for desktops that I'll strongly consider using Linux whenever possible.

      Hard to believe Microsoft believed this "our way or the highway" mentality was a good idea.

    • W7 will be the last non-touch OS. The long term move is clearly to touch screens and W8 will likely be the base for that future. Some companies that are on the leading (and possibly bleeding edge) will go to W8 so that the interface on all their devices (phones, tablets, PCs, etc) is the same. It's a solid move by MSFT but let's face it, this company isn't in an explosive growth phase and hasn't been for many a year. Good solid company that will continue to provide decent returns.

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