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  • peppeek peppeek Nov 16, 2012 10:26 AM Flag

    Loony lib quote of the week

    I agree with Jerry. Totally agree, right on. Maybe you can't understand what he means, his resume is a lot lot higher than yours I bet. National wealth is the treasury, they are paying in most cases like romeny etc, 0-14% tax rate. Aristocracy is not what the founders had in mind when they forged the Constitution Of the United States of America. Yes it's very serious, when the aristocrats want to buy the country. Cry all they may, not going to happen in the USA.

    All he is taking about is the same issue everyone is talking about. Of course a rwnj would pluck words out and replace their meaning with imaginary plots.

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    • "Aristocracy is not what the founders had in mind when they forged the Constitution Of the United States of America. "

      Help me out. Did the founding fathers include an income tax in the Constitution? Did they place anything in the Constitution to directly punish those who were successful? And why should 47% of our population escape having to pay any federal inome tax?

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      • mychkael Nov 16, 2012 12:31 PM Flag

        So right on Irseab. You cant talk to some of these people because they are too ignorant about just basic economics. They are destroying the US with massive debt and igorant anti jobs/business poilices and ideas.

        A vote for Obama was a vote to destroy the US and push socialism. Look how well that worked in Europe.He is making it up as he goes because he is clueless about economics.....just look at his resume.

        Wake up and grow up all you libs!!!

      • Help me out"

        It isn't "punishment" to pay the Clinton era tax rate, only for those making over 250k net, which isn't any of us. It has nothing to do with punishing success, that's stupid, enough already of that, the election is over. Unless you want to LOSE more.
        The 1700's are over too, for some of us. No income tax 200 years ago means nothing now. They also had slavery, women couldn't own property, and only men with property had any say.
        The 47% nonsense has been settled and debunked many times over. Romney himself said it is "completely wrong"
        You can't win it, because you're wrong.
        Only a bunch of idiots would say we shouldn't have income tax like in 1790 and taxing rich 4-5% more on the amount over 250k net is "punishment." Why does romney get to pay 10-14% tax rate and why does he need an extra million off his taxes? I don't get that deal. You have no answer to that because you're, as you love to call others, idiots.

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    • I understand exactly what he means, and you're an idiot for agreeing with him.

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