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  • stwyl stwyl Nov 16, 2012 9:45 AM Flag

    Loony lib quote of the week

    "Revenue means taxes, and certainly those who have been blessed the most, who have disproportionately extracted, by whatever skill, more and more from the national wealth, they're going to have to share more of that."

    --Jerry Brown, governor of California

    "The national wealth"?


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    • I agree with Jerry. Totally agree, right on. Maybe you can't understand what he means, his resume is a lot lot higher than yours I bet. National wealth is the treasury, they are paying in most cases like romeny etc, 0-14% tax rate. Aristocracy is not what the founders had in mind when they forged the Constitution Of the United States of America. Yes it's very serious, when the aristocrats want to buy the country. Cry all they may, not going to happen in the USA.

      All he is taking about is the same issue everyone is talking about. Of course a rwnj would pluck words out and replace their meaning with imaginary plots.

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    • No one in their right mind would want people like Romney to get a further tax break than they already can manipulate it down to. Name one reason Mitt Romney needs an appx $1,000,000 tax GIFT from us , the taxpayers. Ironically the rich voted Romney largely to protect their GIFTS, not the middle class citizen like me. No one here makes over 250k net, anyone can say that.

      you rwnj's will continue to lose and turn away voters from your cherished party. Even die hard republicans, not you here, the mature ones, are dissing Romney now.

      name one reason romney needs a million $ gift from the treasury when he already pays a very low rate. you can't.

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    • And yes, to Peepeekook over $250K affects or has affected the better informed among those on the board."

      I doubts's it, 250k agi? yah right smeone who is here 16/7 with no job and unlimited posting time makes 250k after deductions, yeah right. No way. Another whopper.
      don't forget to tell it's the amount over 250k agi that gets dinged a whole 4-5%
      I forgot, you always forgets's to tell the details so your lie comes out better.
      do you know what agi means, you shud if you PAY TAXES?
      "better informed" leaves you out of everything.

      This is fun cause Obama won, hey that rhymes.

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