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  • megayieldseekrr megayieldseekrr Nov 16, 2012 11:10 PM Flag

    When they finally release Android for desktop, Microsoft is finished.

    Win 8 = fail. Gonna take down a chunk of the whole PC market with it. Brother in law says he won't buy a new PC now because they all come with Win 8. He's waiting for them to revert to Win 7. Huge, historic mistake by Microsoft, betting the farm on 8. This company is just outta gas. The mismanagement is hard to believe. One of these months, Google will release Android for desktop. The first 3 or 4 revs will suck, then they'll get it half-right, then 3/4 right, then stable and then super-cool. And that will be the end of Microsoft. They can go make X-boxes or something.

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    • We all have brother in laws like that. Is he big fat and lazy too? When I read more and more statements like this I will buy more msft shares. I don't even have any now, maybe time.

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    • Google can't even make a simple phone OS without bugs. So good luck with that.

    • Google already has Chrome OS laptops. The Chrome laptops were way overpriced at $500 when they first came out, kind like how the Surface Tablet is overpriced. Now you can get a Chrome laptop for $350 at places like Newegg or Amazon. I've seen $199 Chrome laptops on eBay. So when will prices of the Surface Tablet come down? Wasn't Microsoft supposed to price the Surface Tablet at $200-300 to be more competitive with the Kindle Fire and iPad Mini?

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    • MSFT owns Android. You poor ignorant Slob..!!

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      • I think you got it wrong. Android is Google's operating system for the tablet and the smartphone.

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      • This guy doesn't known nothing about software. As Android is miles ahead in making simple things (for dummies), de like Apple, o Microsoft is miles ahead in making everything work together. Every application every driver every software. Neither Apple nor Android are capable to do so.
        So I as a professional user want the real thing and not a dummy software.

        At last I use windows 8 and I am very enthusiastic. It is far better then any preceded operating system before. It is easy to use
        It is stable, faster and easier for professional use.
        Windows 8 can have multiple application open and I mean a lot. Besides de start screen works like a layer, but yet also like a second operating system besides de windows 7 wich is still there. You have the feeling to work on two computers but completely integrated.
        Switching programs, tabs, everything, switching is easier then on any other operating system.
        But most of all the stability and fastness are surprising.
        Even old computers upgraded to windows 8 work like new again.

        I don't understand at all the critics. There will be some things that centre go better, but do does android and apple. But overall it is the best operating system i ever have seen.

        So take time to explore before release criticism, because obviously or critical people didn't really take time to test or they have an IQ lower then 80.

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