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  • cyber_critiquer cyber_critiquer Nov 19, 2012 8:38 PM Flag

    911 Pentagon


    "Google Pentagon 757 photos and tell me how they cleverly strew the plane parts all over the yard area and got a burned out landing gear in the building without anyone noticing?"

    People Noticed that something hit the building.....However:

    Go find a picture of that hole and Look at the size of that hole.....and the No Parking sign that is to the left of it......hole looks small huh?

    Where are the wing / engine marks on each side of that hole?

    The engines are Rolls Royce RB211-535E4B......and the the blades / stators are Titanium.....They just didn't disappear or melt away from jet fuel..

    "The melting temp for brake shoes on a 757 is about 3000 degs., the landing gear struts are solid cast aluminum; the center shafts for the engines are solid titanium. The flame temp for low grade kerosene, (jet fuel) is around 800 degs.

    If the 757 was full of fuel, that's 14 pounds of aircraft per one gallon of fuel. Its impossible to "completely incinerate" a 757 at that fuel-to-material ratio. It would be the first time in history it did, and would defy the laws of physics, period."

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    • I think the post is to ridicule the ignorant stories about Benghazi, the President not saying what he did say, they said, she said , why this why that, blah blah blah, etc, etc? If so, good job.

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    • This particular conspiracy theory has been thoroughly debunked. If you ever want to have half a prayer of selling this ludicrous tale of subterfuge there is one thing you will have to explain.

      Flight 77 took off from Dulles that morning at 8:20 AM. This is not disputed.

      According to the official manifest there were 58 passengers (including the hijackers) and 6 crew on board. This is not disputed.

      The aircraft's path after takeoff was tracked both by radar and by on board transponders so that it's exact location and heading were known precisely at all times. This is not disputed.

      Neither the aircraft nor any of the people on board have ever been seen or heard from again. This is not disputed.

      So, WHERE is the plane and WHERE are all those people? Their relatives would certainly like to know, I'm sure.

      Even after the plane descended below radar the transponders were still supplying altitude and heading data.

      Where did the plane and people go after the radar and transponders showed the aircraft turning around, approaching and then descending into D.C.?

      Until you can answer that question you will never sell this bogus claptrap to a single soul that has an IQ above 50. Only conspiracy theory simpletons that refuse to consider ALL the facts would swallow this #$%$ without raising that question and having it answered.

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    • give an idiot so much time and it will come with... well with you

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