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  • hawcreek12 hawcreek12 Nov 25, 2012 7:34 PM Flag

    Liberal hypocrisy been going on since Lincoln


    " If I could save the Union without freeing any slave I would do it..." A. Lincoln

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    • " If I could save the Union without freeing any slave I would do it..." A. Lincoln

      you completely misrepresented the thoughts of Lincoln, with your word snipping out of context way of proving. Obama would say the same thing if the situation were the same. I would too.

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    • You can even see the deep seated racism in Romney, when he talked down to the President at the debates. If Obama was white it wouldn't have been that way. Of course the mormons had a long tradition of being anti black, until recent times. It's in Romney, no doubt about it. You can see it in Bainer also, and other congressman, they have deep seated racial feelings that the little comments and attitudes expose. On the surface it is all hidden. It may not even be intentional, it's just in them from youth, and it comes out. It needs to be exposed more and corrected.

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    • Never compromise when it is God's will that teachs each to his own. Slavery was good for the black children, as has been said this election cycle. Taught them respect, how to work, and their place in the world. Now look how they behave.
      Segregation kept us apart according to God's will, and we were fine. We had no problems, everything ran smoothly. Now look what we have going on.
      How can we compromise with a so called President, who isn't one of us, and doesn't belong in that job? It's not his place. Worse he isn't even a legally born person according to my good old school thinking. Used to be we had laws against interracial marriage. Now look at the mess we have coming up in the world.

      Soul imposter, the truth shower

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      • 2 Replies to ghosanonon
      • Hey, #$%$. Is it your god's will that you libel other people by being an impostor?

        Is it your god's will that you attempt to attribute your own racism and bigotry to another by copying his or her screen name to within a single letter in order to impugn their character?

        Is this type of blatant lying and deceitfulness you god's will?

        If so , then you have a pretty f'ed up god.

        You were without doubt created in his image...

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      • President not one of us?? because he is black?? I will tell you who is not one of us- that would be any ignorant redneck racist who's thinking is stuck in the 16th century and who is a Christian in name only - who doesn't even understand Christian concepts like brotherly love and compassion for ones fellow man.
        That's why hawfaeeces, ghosanon, and their ilk are not one of us. As far as Lincoln- the USA should have excepted the ex slaves into their nation and should have walled up the CSA, blockaded its ports and isolated it indefinitely to effectively cauterize this evil to keep it from spreading and cause it to become extinct

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