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    Speaker Of The House Grover Norquist May Take Us Over The Cliff

    Let's connect the dots.

    Grover Norquist's major donors are David and Charlie Koch. Grover makes millions from the Koch Bros.

    Norquist threatens Republican Congressmen to take the no tax pledge or he will use Koch Bros money to actively remove that Congressman in the next primary.

    The Koch Bros spend millions on TV ads and other forms of propaganda to actively campiagn against those who will not take the pledge.

    Bonehead Boehner is one of Norquist's fellatio-boys, as is Paul Ryan, as is Kanter, as are all Tea Party members. The Koch Bros provided millions to these fellatio-boys-Congressmen to keep Koch's taxes low. This is an investment for Dave and Charlie. One with high returns.

    That's the way it works in the Republican Party these days. It didn't used to be like that. At one time the GOP had integrity. That was decades ago.

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    • By Mr. Norquist’s count, 219 House members — enough for a majority — and 39 senators have committed to the pledge. But some of those members who signed on, many of them years ago, have started to back away, apparently leaving him several votes shy of the majority he would need to block any tax increase.

      Mr. Norquist contends that every few years, several noisy Republicans say their support is squishy. Yet every time, he says proudly, the outcome is the same. According to Mr. Norquist, “It’s been 22 years since a Republican voted for a tax increase in this town.”

      But ask Republicans in Congress what they think of the pledge, and many of them say that while they still subscribe to a low-tax view of government, they resent being hamstrung by a piece of paper they signed well before they were elected. Some of them are even saying they want out.

      “I’m frankly not concerned about the Norquist pledge,” Senator Saxby Chambliss of Georgia said in mid-November.

      Senator John McCain said in November that “fewer and fewer people are signing this, quote, pledge.”

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