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  • likinnok likinnok Nov 29, 2012 5:36 PM Flag

    It is not an $899.00 tablet it is a portable innovation machine an entrepreneurs dream machine

    It's not just a tablet. It is a tablet and a computer that a worker can run a full version of the most powerful programs there are. It is a tablet that a programmer can take with him and do the same thing he does on his full workstation at work. It is a computer that can double as a tablet and offer the best of both worlds. Someone can surf the web while waiting for a plane and if he needs to open up Visual Studio 12 and create some code to change the world and keep his company going he can. If a worker in the field wants to run the same programs on the network computer they can. Not an $899.00 tablet. It is an $899.00 portable computer that will create millions of new businesses now that people can run a business on the go. Anything they can do at the office they can do on a lightweight tablet/innovation on the go machine. The possibilities are endless unless you have a closed mind. There will be millions of side businesses started by people who can now juggle two jobs because they have thier office with them. You can't do that on an IPAD.

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    • "There will be millions of side businesses started by people who can now juggle two jobs because they have thier office with them."

      That'll work just fine until the CIO or corporate sys admin looks at network traffic and reports to executive management that one of the employees is operating a side biz from his cubicle using the corporate network.

      One of our QA managers was fired a couple of years ago for doing just that with his beef jerky sales.

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      • Well you also have business people that have their own business and can start a second. You also have millions of in field techs repairing machines that carry laptops now. You have millions of insurance adjusters, police, utility workers etc. that would benifit from a secure powerful lightweight machine. Anyone that thinks an ipad will be attractive when there is a machine the same size and weight that can run "ANY PROGRAM" is kidding themselves. Ipads will be good for sitting in Starbucks and trying to look trendy if you are 19. Real business can be done on the surface. Ipads are trendy "NOW". When something new comes out that makes something that is currently trendy look really "out of date", there are always people who just "don't get it" until everyone else gets it. When people see what others can do on a Surface than there Ipad seems so 2010. Surface is the next step forward.

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    • The 900$ price of the Surface will make it possible for the clones to build cheaper clones which will of course all run Windows 8 and will allow the likes of HP, Dell, Acer etc etc to get off their butts and stay with the winner and still make money and maybe stop bichun about GOOG and AAPL and trying screwey schemes like running their own software on tablets or using the archaic Android to produce a machine that wont even make a good doorstop or boat anchor

    • Why not just get a Asus Gaming Notebook and forget it.

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