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  • hawcreek12 hawcreek12 Dec 1, 2012 11:44 AM Flag

    CFury asks: 'And what is it that Obama is doing to play chicken with the economy?'


    I guess he does not read the newspaper or listen to the news?

    Obama campaigned on $800B in tax increases for the wealthy along with entitlement reform and significant spending cuts.

    His opening offer was twice that amount for the wealthy, new stimulus (I thought we were in recovery?) and virtually no real cuts.

    Now demanding WAY more than you expect to get is older than the hills and as such a tactic known by all and thus juvenile. It went out of style about 1970 when unions no longer commanded disproportionate power.

    By doing that, offering something so outrageous as to be insulting, Obama said clearly and loudly that he has no intention to negotiate now, is perfectly willing to play chicken on the economy. Such arrogance with other people's lives is so immature as to suggest mental illness. It is not the action of a balanced adult with the country's interest at heart.

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    • Standing up solidly for the majority and not giving in to special interests, is not "playing chicken." Another made up term for the uneducated segregationist crown to latch on to. The election is over, the election is over......

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    • Obama campaigned on $800B in tax increases for the wealthy"

      before, haven't you been on the soap box saying the tax cuts on the wealthy were insignificant?
      remember GWB himself designed the tax cuts to expire this year? Obama want to keep the cut for us, not them, what's your problem?

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    • Get real workin stiff. Obama wants to further socialism, and it depends on extracting the workin stiff's money. That is our tax system. Only the workin stiff gets taxed. Obama, and the left will attempt, in everyway possible to increase taxes on the workin stiff rather than cutback spending on socialism. That is a fact, and smart money is not going to let it happen. They will pull money out of the USA, cutback on labor costs, rathole money using all kinds of loopholes to prevent that from happening. Obama is already talking about circumventing congress, and going after retirement funds.

    • U said some time back the tax hikes would not be that important and certainly the cuts in spending would not upset a republican,
      As for tactics the public is going to blame the republicans if we go over the cliff, that puts the ball in Obamas court. Are U dumb enough to think hardball politics was invented this month.

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