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  • cyber_critiquer cyber_critiquer Dec 2, 2012 12:25 PM Flag

    Right Wing Wackos Claim Obama Is a Socialist....


    Hahahaha....As Right Wing Wackos you seem to forget:

    "Bush started slide into socialism"

    "Under the last administration, the NWO was able to implement many of their long term, socialist plans. These would include the expanded powers of the executive branch, the Patriot Act, and the creation of the Department of Homeland Security, all a means for centralizing powers in the hands of the federal government. That was bad enough, but the economic turn toward socialism that took place while Bush was president was staggering."


    "Republican president George Bush openly and repeatedly called for more redistribution of wealth by way of expanding welfare programs through faith-based groups. He also pushed for and signed into law the biggest expansion of a welfare program in decades--the Medicare reform legislation of 2003 that included prescription drug benefits."

    Why Are The Right Wing Wackos So Misinformed ???

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