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  • doindadorkus doindadorkus Dec 6, 2012 10:36 AM Flag

    Romney buys a new Audi

    You ought to be more worried about how Obumphk, the First Wookie and Congress spend your money. Last I checked, private citizens still had the right to spend their money as they wish. The crime is the Obozos wasting valuable tax dollars to go on vacations, to buy 54 Christmas trees and other luxury items while they wag their fingers at the"rich". Phking hypocrites.

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    • Oh to the contrary, no one ever said Romney hasn't the right to buy what he wants. Only an idiot could think that was being said. What is being said is Romney made a big deal out of buying American cars, especially to the Ohio workers. He then, in true Romney fashion, buys an import. Passive aggressive little twit that he is. ho ho ho

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