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  • chriswalshlawstaff chriswalshlawstaff Dec 5, 2012 8:37 PM Flag

    Obama to spend $4 million to go to Hawaii for Christmas, we need to raise taxes

    What are you talking about? Cost of securing the President? This is no different from any "vacation" or overseas trip ANY President has ever taken? Yeah, there are costs involved. So what? What did it cost to send Bush "home" to Texas? C'mon man.

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    • "The right wing has been outraged "

      My solution is don't vote for Obama, next time. Can you imagine a Romney family on the govt travel plan? Ten times as much. Hundred times as much. Nothing would be said against it. The whole mormon tabernacle choir would be sent on a special aircraft to sing Romney Christmas carols. Ann would have had to have the white house remodeled.
      Obama is doing nothing different or wrong, he is just not moving to the back of the bus or using the black folks restroom any more. Get over it, your segregated world has past. His place is to be The President of the USA. The President moving around costs money, and I hope they spend like crazy on it for him to keep him comfortable. He works very hard for us, and deserves it. Aloha.

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    • All his secret service men will be spending a lot of cash on #$%$ again. aloha, aloha, aloha,

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