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  • likinnok likinnok Dec 7, 2012 7:36 PM Flag

    Answer to should have WIN RT have been released first.

    When you look at the fact that you get tablet that is as good or better than any other tablet on the market. The difference is you get a free version of Microsoft Office. That means if you need or use office you save several hundred dollars and are only paying a few hundred for a state of the art tablet that has a magnetic keyboard that attaches fast & nice. One of the biggest complaints of IPAD users was they could not use office and apples email is a pain. You cannot delete all messages in a batch. What is up with that. Apple IPad sales and droid tablets are also slower than expected currently. There is now market saturation of tablets. There is no more waiting in lines for days. That was a once in a life time thing. The surface RT is what is it is. You won't get a free version of Microsoft office with Surface Pro. Some may want to think that over and not pass the opportunity of getting the free Microsoft Office and a tablet for basically a few hundred if you deduct the value of Office. It is actually a steal. Sometimes people do not realize what they have until it is gone. If you need office and a tablet, the deal is now. It does what it is supposed to be a tablet. For $499.00 and a free very polular software package what do you expect to pay $199.00. It is not a droid it cannot sell for $199.00. The droid is so complicated you have to be a genius to figure out how to do anything thus the $199.00 price just to move it out the door and hope someone accidentally clicks on ad words ads trying to find hidden or confusing controls. The Surface RT is a bargain, you just do not know it. It is for on the go use, not sitting on your desk!!! That it is and done nicely!

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