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  • hawcreek12 hawcreek12 Dec 8, 2012 8:00 PM Flag

    Fascinating to me is that goofy lefties think higher taxes made Clinton administration successful


    they never realize they have it backwards.

    The 90's, built on Bush 41's foundation of "staying the course" a solidly based recovery, underway for 7 quarters when Clinton took office and huge technological gains made for a hugely successful era, for which Clinton deserves little or no credit.

    Higher tax rates were made possible because of the the ongoing growth and productivity gains, they did not create the imaginary surpluses, the growth overpowered the negative effects of higher taxes.

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    • Sorry! I read your post wrong. I actually agree with you, but I stand by the jist of my comments below.

    • Ummm, either don't have a good memory or you weren't around in the '90s. The economy was successful in the 1990s because of the Internet boom driven by the private market. If that hadn't happened, then the higher taxes would have been devastating to the economy. Also, Clinton had a Republican run Congress during the successful part of his presidency that stood up to him and wouldn't let his spending get out of control. He realized that to stay in office, he had to change his "lefty" ways and be more moderate.

      Higher taxes will not stimiluate the economy today, nor have they ever. Obozo doesn't have the good fortune of a healthy economy to stimulate to absorb additional taxes, the Republicans don't have the balz to stand up to him, and he's too stupid to understand that his economic policies aren't working and that raising taxes won't help.

      The sadest part of it all is that the "free" press is a bunch of #$%$ who won't challenge the affirmative action president on his claims that higher taxes will bring up back to the prosperity of the 1990s. All-in-all, a very sad time for the US, brought to us by a bunch of #$%$ and free-loaders. I can't wait until the Tard-In-Chief is out. He's a phking loser...and so are you.

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