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  • willstand99 willstand99 Dec 13, 2012 2:46 PM Flag

    No Budget

    Harry R, said no need, Obama wants to keep ONE promise raise taxes On top 2% that will last 8 hours. What about the debt?

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    • a trillion over past 10 yrs, a trillion over next 10 years. On what length of time will tax cut for the rich revenues equal the 8 hrs? The talking point you heard leaves that out, so the math challenged wil go to emotions.

      Obama is for spending cuts. Bush was the little boy with a credit card. We need jobs, we need infrastructure improvements, and the rich are going to stop getting a govt handout they don't need. No compromise on it, make it even higher on them, make it 91% like under Eisenhower, or 72% when Kennedy took office. Either one of those would be great.

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      • Obama is for spending cuts?! Did I read that right? Obama added over a trillion in new debt, more layers of big govt bureacracy preventing real growth in the economy..the biggest tax in US history....a trillion in new debt EVERY YEAR he has been President! And the guy offers NO specific cuts! Entitlement reforms have to be made, and Obama and his regime' want NO entitlement cuts!

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