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  • hawcreek12 hawcreek12 Dec 14, 2012 11:55 PM Flag

    Today's tragedy breaks my heart too, but talk is of the weapon rather than the reality


    A mentally ill young man STOLE the weapons

    Approximately 45 young people are killed every day by automobiles. EVERY DAY, DAY AFTER DAY, 365 DAYS A YEAR. About 100 people killed a day total. A large portion by drunk drivers (almost 40% IIRC).

    Many teenagers don't need cars, there are buses, many older folks should not be driving. Many habitual DUIs should face life in prison but the weapon they use and the intent somehow justifies it in the minds of many.

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    • This is it for me, you never change. A shooting is not a car accident period. Accident is the key word, plus cars are not designed to kill, they are for transport, guns are designed to kill. You are wrong, and I'm not coming back to it. Door to door search, every gun taken and melted. One million reward for anyone seeing a neighbor or person with a gun, arrested, and convicted. Guns illegal, all of them. No civilian has a gun of any kind.

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      • You''re mistaken in several details, not to mention the whole premise. Car accidents are not called that anymore in hospitals and among law enforcement, did you know that? They are called "crashes" and "wrecks." THey are generally the result of poor judgement and/or lack of skill. They don't "just happen." Second, guns are designed to launch projectiles, not "to kill" as you hysterically say. Most privately owned arms are used with regularity, and yet somehow they manage not to kill anyone. If guns "killed", you'd be reading about far more often. The problem is insanity and violent behavior, engendered by a society that glamorizes killing in the mass media, treats life more cheaply all the time (witness Roe v Wade and all the slippery slope since), and most important IMO, one that has reduced the individual to a cog in the collective. Solve those problems and you might make some headway. Until then, the same old liberal rhetoric about gun control is just that.

    • Guns are made for killing, it isn't a car that happened at these shooting scenes.

    • you have no point.....I must say you aim at nothing and hit it

    • From what I can read about the incident, he was not mentally ill, he was likely one of the sanest and brightest people in that little town. But he was different, and people of merely average intelligence can be terribly cruel to anyone who doesn't fit their mediocre little mold. He needed only one more step on the road to maturity -- to realize that the opinions of people who, compared to him, are idiots simply don't matter.

      Not to condone Christianity, but a famous line from the New Testament is apt: He needed to learn to forgive them, for they know not what they do.

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