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  • lordbalzy_the_holy lordbalzy_the_holy Dec 17, 2012 8:30 PM Flag

    In America Any Untrained Psychopath Can Buy A SiG SG 550

    Thanks NRA

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    • ddeboy Dec 18, 2012 12:52 PM Flag

      It is not the NRA's fault. I live 1 mile away from the school and I can tell you the talk here is not about the NRA-it is why the f wasn't this #$%$ in a combination lock safe? The son busted the door of a cabinet to get to the guns then bought the ammo. Guns are sold at flee markets too-really old ones. This wife should have been more wise and put the guns in a case where they couldn't get to them alone. This is only the partial reason this happened. The other part is he wanted to put an end to his past as it haunted him in his memories. The only way he knew how to do that was to go back to that exact location where he experienced it and destroy it. It was a compulsive anger reaction. Please stop talking about the NRA and it is at fault. Storage of the guns and the brain behind the trigger are the real reasons. These guns shouldn't have been located at the house but rather at the range and this wouldn't have happened-maybe. There was nothing to stop someone as smart as he was-probably smarter than you-lardbalzy_the_holy because your username is lame.
      Get some more education or read more on line before posting this nonsense garbage.

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      • There are no excuses for guns everywhere, regardless of your many excuses and long talking for them. One child is enough reason to change our laws, especially repeal the 2nd, no longer applies.
        Some people just can't learn, grow, and change, always the same old garbage excuses no matter what.

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