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  • hawcreek12 hawcreek12 Dec 23, 2012 7:12 AM Flag

    If you blindly accept a black president's lies about taxes is that racism, Wally?


    In 2009 with the rates at their current level the working class paid an effective rate of 6.6% of their total income while the richest Americans paid an effective rate of 27.9%. Do the math, gullible, racist Wally moe-ron, that is more than 4 times the RATE.

    In 1980 when top rates were 70% the richest 1% paid 17.4% of all Federal taxes paid. In 2004 with the top effective rate at 35% the top 1% paid 36.7% of all Federal taxes paid. At half the rate in 2004 the "rich" were carrying more than twice the load as compared to the Carter era.

    Obama is a good liar and NEA educated moes like Wally are too stu-pid to do math from official BLS numbers.

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    • This is why Romney should have campaigned exactly like Obama did...the big difference would have been Romney could have told the truth, and struck fear in voters rather than Obama telling lies, and striking fear. Easy then to see what happens to the Middle Class, and the poor when the successful cutback, layoff, pull their money out of the USA, and don't invest in this country which is what is happening. They aren't going to expand the economy, and give it to a bunch of socialists that create crony capitalism, making a few of their billionaire contributors all the wealthier, anc create layers of bureaucrats that keep the socialist failed policies funded.

    • Maybe you should take your medication.

      You're raving more insanely than LaPierre.

      Oh, and you're a bigoted, racist, worthless, insane, bankrupt message board troll; apparently there's nothing that will ever change that so wallow in it, just as you wallow in the contents of your two-day old adult diaper.

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      • "You're raving more insanely than LaPierre."

        Is that possible? La said he would do anything to save kids, but when asked about gun control, no that can't work. When asked why he said Feinsteins law didn't work, columbine happened then, see it doesn't work. He is as dumb as the rest, how does he know several columbines weren't stopped because of the law? He doesn#$%$ that old connecting of unrelated thoughts problem they have.

        Hawfaeces thinks it serves some purpose to call Obama a liar day and night. He doesn't accept change or question his own real motivations. He has even called Candy Crowley a "Marxist" for stating the truth at the debate. That's really going off the cliff.

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    • hawfaeces your tax rate salad is of no consequence- the rich need to pay more - in fact the Clinton budget of 1993 needs to be reinstated as soon as the economy can withstand the extra tax load as it did from 1993 thru 2000 even if everybody pays more. If this action is taken we will see a booming economy and budget surpluses just as we did under Clinton. Then you will have to crawl back into your hole and rage and rage against Obama and the Democrats like the madman you are

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