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  • hawcreek12 hawcreek12 Dec 24, 2012 9:16 AM Flag

    An absolute, defined fundamental lie by Obama, dispute the facts if you can.


    Obama claims the rich are not paying a fair share of the tax burden and marginal rates on the rich should be higher to make the burden fair.

    Fact (1) In 1980 the top marginal rate was double today's rate (70% then) and yet the tax burden (on a 'share' of taxes paid basis) on the rich was half as much as today.

    Fact (2) On average the rich are paying more than 4 times the tax rate of the working class and hundreds of times as much in actual dollars.

    Question: How many major networks have pointed to these indisputable facts from the BLS and noted Obama is unquestionably lying as to fairness when compared to historical levels when the debt accumulation was negligible?

    Obama is failing and his excuses for his failure go unquestioned by the media.

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    • No problema. Obama didn't lie #1, he is as honest a man as there is. #2, it is the total tax rate not the marginal that makes it fair/not fair. If you pay 99% tax on your last $5 income, so what? Raising marginal tax rate 4% isn't changing anything for a rich person. Your/my marginal tx rate will be protected under our President Obama. Romny paid less than 14%, Obama paid over 20%. If the taxes are raised 4% on the rich making over 250-400k, whatever it is, they will be paying more of a fair share than now. The Koch Bros have done a number on you.

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