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  • likinnok likinnok Dec 24, 2012 1:29 PM Flag

    Ballmer Should Not Go!

    The greatest innovation of the current time happened under his watch. In a very short time a device called Surface Pro will be available. Microsoft has reinvented the tablet. The tablet is what everyone wants. Now there will be a tablet/Combo full PC that you can do all your work on. Releasing RT before Pro hindered RT's sale. Surface RT is actually ad deal. Free Office. Several hundred dollar program will not be on pro. So Ballmer should not go as they are about to change everything. Not only tablets. Win8 Phone has been strong enough in one month to scare apple shareholders into a massive sell off and become #3 phone. I personally own the New Noki lumia with WIN8 and it is a game changer. Fantastic experience that made me leave my Apple device home after 1 week. I love the turn by turn voice assisted navigation on the phone that locates my position instantly, tell me mph and how long to reach my destination. It works, it is not perfect but no Apple problems that sent Emergency workers in a forest, river etc. The camera is the best on any phone. It is selling out overseas and Nok has landed a contract with the largest phone carrier in China. Microsoft has invested billions into Nokia. Not only is Ballmer doing everything correct he is innovating. THERE IS NO OTHER MACHINE THAT IS A TABLET/FULL PC. Anyone that cannot see the future her should not be investing. It is easy. Ballmer is now on the level of Steve Jobs as the Surface Pro and the 100's of other W8 devices are about to change everything! I own qqq holds app, msft & Nok.

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    • Thats what I'm waiting for,it should blow Itoy/goog out of the water.

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    • Thanks, I needed a good laugh. You *are* joking, right?

    • Some of the best farcical satire I've read in a while!! Good job.

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      • How about an intelligent reply debating the facts. I know it's hard if you have little knowledge of what is even happening at MSFT and have no idea about investments in Nokia, when MSFT Pro is being release etc. It seems that people who bought 10 shares of apple at 700 or goog and are desperate to do anything possible to save their 10 shares. No not 1000 or 100 just 10. You sure seem disgruntled. Maybe don't listen to the bald celebrity who was recommending apple at 700. He was saying" All I know is the apple store is packed every time I go". It is packed with dimwits trying to find out how to get out of another freeze up on Safarai. To dumb to know the only solution is to turn it off and back on. That is the Genius bars answer by the way. Then you have the teenagers out in the mall playing on the machines. So if he was basing buying apple at 700 you guys should not have listened to him. MSFT is the reason the stock is going down. CNB... spent a week saying is this it is that it, asking every analyst alive why apple is dropping. Year end tax selling bla bla bla. How about a tablet is coming along that you can run any computer program that you have been using for 5 years, 10 years, 15 years. Let's see Microsoft's Billions of users will say well I can buy an Ipad and read the newspaper or I can buy a Win8 tablet and use all the programs I have been using all my life. Sell your 10 shares of aapl or goog and man up. It's over. Msft has innovated while aaple was creating a map program that sent police and fireman into a river while responding to a call. What where they doing all day at aapl. Then they give up and say we will use google maps. How can anyone trust a company that is supposed to have the greatest talent in the worls and they cannot fix map software and use a competitors program out of desperation. Nice. I hold qqq contains aapl, msft & Nok.

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    • Watch MSFT surprise Wall Street with its Windows sales...
      Ballmer knows new PC hardware sales are down..New Windows 8 sales are not.
      There are 2 Billion++ PCs which are targted by the new Windows addition to the new PC hardware

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    • ddeboy Dec 26, 2012 11:12 AM Flag

      The good results will come in 2 quarters after the surface pro rips the iPadder to the garbage can. I have the pro with a 256gb xd card and it kills my iPad. I gave it back to the IT dept and said 'shoot it with a shotgun-I'm done with it.'

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