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  • father_zosima father_zosima Jan 2, 2013 8:16 AM Flag


    Just look at these crooks who think they are better than the little guy or the people who have fallen thru the safety net--starting with Goldman Sachs, Lehman Bros, GM,, and Mitt Romney who told more lies in 12 mos running for president than Pinochio did in his lifetime-- Romney who made his money at the expense of the little guy- Romney who didn't have to honor his obligation to pay his taxes because he hid his money in offshore investments- Romney who is about as patriotic as my a. s..s- Its enough to make you puke listening to these holier than thou losers

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    • "crooks who think they are better than the little guy "
      So true, not all rich folks have the Ayn Rand mentality, but plenty do. What is amazing are the little financial squirts like faeces et al support those who are against their own interests, instead of President Obama, who totally is for the midle class. Maybe they think they are part of the rich world in their own little fantasy land. Maybe they need to watch "It's a Wonderful Life" a few more times.

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