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  • plmartin_2012 plmartin_2012 Jan 15, 2013 1:30 PM Flag

    I Agree, We Need Hefy Gun Control Laws


    But only that strengthen the 2nd Amendment, not weaken it. Shellack the bad guys, maintain the centuries of constitutional protections for the good guys. The basis of American freedom was that it was set up for those who are law abiding, self-sufficient, and who take responsibility for their children, elderly and communities. Abusers of American freedoms, especially those who use them for criminal and otherwise evil purposes, should meet the harshest of consequences.

    Something like this:

    Caught with a gun without being able to provide proof of ownership? 2 to 10 years in prison.
    Under 21 (non-military/ law enforcement) in possession of a gun? 5 to 10 years in prison.
    Adult negligence allowing gun to get into the hands of someone under 21? 5 to 10 years in prison.
    Possession of a gun from a robbery of someone's home or business (whether you did it or not)? 20 years in prison.
    Convicted felon (violent offense) caught with a gun? 30 years in prison. No parole.
    Crime committed with a gun? Life in prison. No parole.
    Gun possession or use in conjunction with felony drug conviction? Death penalty.
    First degree murder with a gun? Death penalty.

    I actually would consider some increased oversight of NEW gun sales. No one should be able to buy a new gun without a background check. And maybe some parameters on private sales of owned guns, like requiring proof of purchase document go along with the sale. If someone possessing a gun cannot prove ownership, you guessed it....prison time.

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