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  • lordbalzy_the_holy lordbalzy_the_holy Jan 16, 2013 12:46 PM Flag

    People With Guns In Home At Greater Risk!!

    Those persons with guns in the home were at greater risk than those without guns in the home of dying from a homicide in the home (adjusted odds ratio = 1.9, 95% confidence interval: 1.1, 3.4). They were also at greater risk of dying from a firearm homicide, but risk varied by age and whether the person was living with others at the time of death. The risk of dying from a suicide in the home was greater for males in homes with guns than for males without guns in the home (adjusted odds ratio = 10.4, 95% confidence interval: 5.8, 18.9). Persons with guns in the home were also more likely to have died from suicide committed with a firearm than from one committed by using a different method (adjusted odds ratio = 31.1, 95% confidence interval: 19.5, 49.6). Results show that regardless of storage practice, type of gun, or number of firearms in the home, having a gun in the home was associated with an increased risk of firearm homicide and firearm suicide in the home.

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    • Based on the statistics I recommend you stay away from hospitals and doctors. They'll do you in faster than the quickest gunslinger. My UPS driver's wife went in with minor ailment , caught infection in hospital, never came out alive. Now some of the dudes that take our money at gunpoint to pay exorbitant pension promises for their army of supporters sure don't want us to have any guns at all. Too bad the geniuses don't learn from history, instead they imitate the people known for evil doing. Must be the results of poor education with all the overworked underpaid teachers.LOL

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      • But that's not the topic doctors and hospitals, and the bad experience gives no green light to assault weapons for anyone who wants them. It isn't related at all. If you want more dead kids, have guns around more. Mass murders are not done by accident or by error, but by purpose. If there were no bushmasters etc, those kids would be alive. Instaed they are in the ground having lived but a few years. There will be more indidents, you can't have armed guards everywhere, and a mass murderer will not have ignored their presence if they are there. They will just kill them first, or go to another public gathering. That whole good guy bad guy argument is nonsense. It's unbelievable anyone could support more liberal gun laws.

    • #$%$ you liberal ..If you got a gun you must understand how to use it and keep it safe. If you have matches and don't use them safely they too will kill you..But gun in a home are absolutely OK...

    • How correct. Guns should be kept safely, so how is someone going to get one in the spit second an intruder breaks down the door. I had a personal experience as a kid of about 9. My friends dad, a wwII vet, had his 45 in a dresser drawer, and my friend found where he "hid" the bullets. We used to sneak in a play with the gn. In Colorado Sprongs in those days in the mid 50's we had incinerators in the back yards. My friend threw some bullets in for fun. They went off, and one made a line on the side of his head, luckily no one was hurt. We both got it big time that evening. So, gun nuts, where are you going to hide your guns from your kids? Do you know no one is more inventive than a kid who knows something is forbidden, and hidden?
      Idiots with guns and no compassion for others who lost children. It is more important to not give in on an argument, than to save children's lives.
      It is not conservative to have fewer gun laws, it is liberal.

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