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  • nd1005 nd1005 Jan 18, 2013 7:00 AM Flag

    Dictator Obama's time machine still in operation

    Successfully used in the implementation of the Telecommunications Act of 1996, it empowered the "Tyrant" to rip the still beating BlackBerry from Hawfreak's hands and (re)distribute it to the undeserving (and likely less melanin-challenged).

    "In November 2003, nationwide telephone penetration among low-income households
    with incomes below $10,000 was 84.0 percent. The nationwide telephone penetration rate for all
    households at the same time was 94.7 percent. States that have taken full advantage of federal
    universal service support for low-income consumers saw an average growth in telephone
    penetration for low-income households of over 4 percent from March 1997 to March 2003. In
    contrast, states that did not provide Lifeline support beyond the basic federal support
    experienced an average growth in telephone penetration rates of less than 1 percent.8 In 2003,
    over 6.6 million subscribers paid reduced local rates under the Lifeline program. The Link Up
    America program, which supports affordable connections to the network, has connected over
    16.2 million telephone subscribers since 1987.
    The Commission’s rules are designed to satisfy the 1996 Act's mandates that rates be
    "affordable" and access should be provided to "low-income consumers" in all regions of the
    nation. The rules also make the contribution to and distribution of low-income support
    competitively and technologically neutral by requiring equitable and nondiscriminatory
    contributions from all providers of interstate telecommunications services, and by allowing all
    eligible telecommunications carriers, including wireless carriers, to receive support for offering
    Lifeline and Link Up service."

    Another Urban Legend like the canard about Bush the Lesser spending over 1000 days of his pResidency "cutting brush" with Pedro and Luiz on his TV set "ranch", or the myth that #$%$ Cheney shot his lawyer buddy in the face while stewed to the gills on Orbit at some "release and kill" "huntin'" ranch.

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    • "(re)distribute it to the undeserving (and likely less melanin-challenged)".

      tsk tsk tsk, now why do you go and prove me right about you?

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    • richeydouglas Jan 18, 2013 8:53 AM Flag

      "Our country is completely, entirely, and thoroughly broke. In fact, we’re in worst fiscal shape than any developed country, including Greece. We have fantastically large expenditures coming due in the form of Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid payments to the baby boom generations – I.O.U.s, which we’ve conveniently kept off the books"


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      • Yeah right, where were you went GWB was on his spending spree, using up the surplus, approved by republicans? Huh? Where were you then? Obama is a conservative, you must be the big bad liberal. Obama is doing the right thing and dragging us up out of the proven faulty republican way of doing things. Obama is REVERSING republican damage through fiscal responsibility. It is working, we are better off. Plus he got rid of OBL on the side. Now get rid of the assault weapons, and it is a better country. Reversing the damage is not like turning a switch. There have been many disasters, and still the wars to pay for. What would you do about those, ignore them? Idiots. He is a great President, we are very fortunate he was willing to take the job again. That's why we the majority of the people voted him in.

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