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  • rightwing_rethink rightwing_rethink Jan 19, 2013 12:03 PM Flag

    Let's all pine for the days of the Confederacy, then the rise of the KKK....

    ...the Jim Crow laws and the good old days of segregation.

    Separate but equal was the cry of the old former Confederacy. The black schools became separate but they were anything but equal.

    When Dems like John Kennedy, then later, Lyndon Johnson, busted up the segregation of the old South, those Southern Blue Dog Democrats became Republicans. They switched parties.

    The Republican Party to this day is the party of separation. It used to be the party of choice in the south.

    Thanks to changing demographics, oh, the times they are a changin'. Florida a Blue state? North Carolina a Blue state?, Georgia was just 2% away from becoming a Blue state. Texas is predicted to go Blue by 2016 due to the growing Hispanic population.

    These are troubling times in the Kingdom of Bitter Old Republican Red Necks.

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