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  • joedokes45 joedokes45 Jan 28, 2013 9:16 AM Flag

    Remember China the bad guy

    as described by liberals? Liberals said we should not do business with China. Forget that their inexpensive products were desperately needed by the poor, and even the middle class to stretch their disposable dollars, and create wealth. It was about protectionism for union workers. Now China is in a recession, and is having difficutly getting out of a recession because of the terrible economy created by Obama, and the left forcing us deep in debt. China needs the USA as an important consumer of their products, and our dollars are going to service our huge debt, that Obama wants to INCREASE with higher spending! The thing that can bring on a world war.

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    • Romney was on a course, day one he said, to destroy relations with China with his stupidity. At the same moment, literally, his company was closing a plant in Illinois and shipping it to China, 170 workers lost their jobs. Meanwile, in the same very town in Illinois, Pres Obama saved 1000 jobs due to restricting cheap Chinese tires.
      I remember looking at tires a couple years ago, and saw made in China. I asked for not made in China. The only one losing money was the tire retailer, the cost was just as high for me as a US made tire, and less quality. That made in China lettering is not easy to see on black rubber, most people would take what the retailer talks them in to.
      Pres Obama, being the patriot he is, fixed that a lot, and his focus is on the truth of the matter, not politics for elections.
      You see, feeces, you're wrong yet again. So early in your prime time posting week too.

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      • A conversation between the president of Solyndra and Obama:

        “Mr. President, our company needs some money”

        “How much do you need?”

        “About a half billion dollars”

        “Why don’t you try to get the money from private investors?”

        “We did, but they tell us that it is a terrible investment.”

        “OK. I’ll reach in the pockets of taxpayers and give it to you. After all, its only play money. But you have to contribute to my campaign big-time. ,”

        “No problem, Mr. President.”

    • Repubs lost demos won,4 more years! live with it hawkfreak.

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