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  • monsignor_whiteowl monsignor_whiteowl Feb 1, 2013 12:20 PM Flag

    Right Wing Nut Jobs Fearful Of Obama's Economic Success Discrediting Supply Side Propaganda


    Obama's economic success has proven supply side economics is a selfish self-serving economic theory designed to benifit only moneyed interests.

    Obama's policies benifit working families not billionaires.

    The billionaire K0ch Bros are behind the supply side propaganda.

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    • How correct. Oddly they saw it all the time during George Bush's watch, that their rwnj theeories were wrong. You can see how persistantly dumb they are all the time, by looking to the board Scientist, Politician, Guru, Feeces and his supporting team.. It seems to be a trait of the ignorant, like is seen with the NRA and their stubborn stance.

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