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  • hawcreek12 hawcreek12 Feb 7, 2013 9:11 AM Flag

    They're holding the futures up, the DAX is up and it has lead U.S. markets, what I don't understand


    is if the fix is not in the dithering near highs for individual issues. As long as there has been a market most stocks, especially momos don't dither.

    What I mean is if a stock rejects going above $100 ten times, it pulls back for momentum. Institutions don't pile in at a pull back to $99.80. So if institutions don't want shares to appear cheaper what is the end game

    Many years ago I remember HINF that I traded a bit, there were questions but every time it tried to break higher (over $26+) there was a seller but it went for extended times (weeks) that each time it went below $26 a few cents a buyer jumped in. It really gave on confidence in the value but I still set a stop around $24 and thus lost less when it broke down and I assume went BK

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