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  • quang_daitam quang_daitam Feb 9, 2013 7:46 PM Flag

    Surface Pro - Selling out everywhere, it is the new iPAD. MSFT may head to 35 on this

    All stores that called and visited about 20 Best Buys, Several Staples and the Microsoft stores had lines of people to buy them and were all sold out around 1PM. The MS online store also was sold out for both 128GB and 64GB. The 128GB is still sold out the 64GB supply came back for online only about 45minutes ago and looks like that may also get sold out soon. Consumer are flocking the stores asking for it and sales reps are taking their names. This is really I think is a turning point for Microsoft. Very impressive.

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    • hahahacreek Feb 11, 2013 4:25 AM Flag

      Heading to 25 in 6 months, just like every year for the last decade

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • Better than The Surface Pro is The Samsung 700T-1C. Better keyboard, battery thiner and lighter. A little more expensive but worth it.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Sellout doesn't mean much when there is such limited numbers. Thats like saying you had a 100% growth when you sold only 1 the previous year.

    • There are only sell outs due to a purposely highly limited supply. Surface sucks. Surface Pro sucks. Windows 8 sucks. Balmer sucks.

      So, the 64 GB sold out online, but new stock was available online later in the same day? That is because it is a game. Microsoft is trying to create the impression of demand, but it will not last.

      Surface will be an utter failure. Sure, some stupid nerds will buy it, but few others will.

      Surface == Zune

    • Source is an Apple fan boy so just disregard it:

      Microsoft has announced "amazing" customer response to its tablet/notebook hybrid Surface Pro, and reports have noted that the higher end 128GB model has sold out in some locations "immediately" after going on sale, just as the Zune HD did in 2009.

      In a blog posting earlier today, the company didn't report how many units of the new Surface Pro it had sold, or even had shipped to stores, and was even careful not to imply that the "amazing" customer response was actually being reflected in any specific way, such as in indirect sales or even a quantified numbers of customers.

      Instead, Microsoft's Panos Panay stated that the company is "working with our retail partners who are currently out of stock of the 128GB Surface Pro to replenish supplies as quickly as possible."

      However, nearly all of the readers commenting on the blog posting noted frustrating launch day experiences that included observations such as, "the Best Buy employee told us they only had a single Surface Pro for sale and it was the 64 GB version," and "most stores received only a couple of units. My local Staples got 1 unit (64 GB), Best Buy got 7 (4 64 GB, 3 128GB) all available only to the folks who reserved one. I was the first in line today at BBY and didn't get anything. This is a complete disappointment and failure. You guys suck."

    • if the report oif about 1 millions Surface Pros for intial launch, then i owuld imagine that more than half millikon of these devices have been sold. This, along with RT, will add billions to top line this quater!!!

      Great way to go, MSFT!!!!

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      • Go Ed Bott!:

        After being reminded that the ARM-based Surface RT version of Microsoft's new tablet/notebook hybrid had also “sold out” before becoming a clear flop during the winter quarter, Bott issued a clarification to explain why readers shouldn’t connect the dots and arrive at the conclusion that the Surface Pro selling out might not be an indication that it is actually selling well.

        The fact that the low end model of the Surface RT sold out “suggests that buyers of the RT device were price-sensitive and were looking for something with a tablet-like price,” Bott answered. “By contrast, the initial sell-out of the higher-priced 128 GB Surface Pro suggests early buyers are spec-sensitive and are skeptical of the available storage in the 64 GB device.”

        This all happened before

        Reports of inventory "sell outs" is not new, and certainly not for Microsoft. In 2009, the firm's Zune HD music player was widely reported to have “sold out” from resellers ranging from Amazon to Newegg to BestBuy. Two years later it was discontinued because in reality it had never sold very well.

    • Microtard!

    • Good to see MSFT finally have a hit !

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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