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  • plmartintexas2012 plmartintexas2012 Feb 12, 2013 11:04 AM Flag

    Will We Be Informed on the State of Our Union?


    ...with strong analysis of numbers and statistics (both financial and societal), year over year comparisons, identification of problems (skyrocketing national debt, booming welfare, high unemployment, increasing culture of violence, death and the macabre, etc.), and unwavering American leadership of our three-branch, Constitutional republic in order to get America's employers off of hold, increasing growth and the number of taxpayers to lower debt, slashing the needs for assistance, and returning to the compass of Judeo-Christian morality, ethics and character?

    ... or will the Great Deceiver continue his lifelong mentality of dark obfuscation, self-engrandizement, hard leftist ideological campaigning, and finger pointing:

    - Republicans are to blame for starving infants and seniors if the Democrat Sequester plan actually happens
    - The government must ban certain weapons and register all others in order to protect you from the .03% of Americans that use them for evil purposes.
    - We must guarantee the integration of all sexual orientations into mainstream society, independent of any brand of moral foundation, even though we are talking less than 3% of the population. Of course you know, the plight of the LGTBPLXoie'W....(BLT on wheat ) fleck of our society is equal to that of which black Americans endured.
    - You must continue to "invest" more of your money with the federal government for health, education and welfare, the eternally crumbling roads and bridges, and "sciences" like global warming, even though there are no deliverable results to show you that your investments have done nothing, or any more than make these areas worse.

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