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  • hawcreek12 hawcreek12 Feb 13, 2013 8:25 AM Flag

    $9.00 an hour minimum wage? The only reason we need an increase is inflation. I began


    my professional career at $200 a week 40 years ago, and I lived on that. It was at the low end admittedly but was for a job I wanted. There were periods of 40 years while on the gold standard where there was essentially no inflation.

    Of course raising the minimum will make many teen age entry jobs go away.

    In London you will bag your own groceries as that is non essential and they cannot justify the cost of a bagger.

    The Dolt in Chief has no idea he is causing the problem with his spending, he's too ignorant about inter relationships to grasp the concept and his Marxist professors didn't tell him.

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    • You started working at 21 eh. Too bad you got left behind in time salary wise isn't it. Now that work is over for you, how many years is it, 15?

      In 1970 a new car was 2200, a home in Palo Alto 25K. Now it's 25k for a new car, and 1.5m for a home in Palo Alto.

      Now imagine it's 2013, having to pay 1200 rent for an apartment, and you work 40 hard hours a week at the new $9.

      If only the tp congress could be put out at a $9 job and live in rental property, and take away that fat portfolio, than maybe they would feel it. No compassion.

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