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  • monsignor_whiteowl monsignor_whiteowl Feb 13, 2013 10:22 AM Flag

    Rubio's Lies Fact Checked


    He said Obama will destroy jobs by raising taxes on employers. What Rubio really means is individuals with high incomes, since higher corporate income taxes are not on the table.

    He flippantly dismissed concerns about global warming, saying, “Our government can’t control the weather.”
    But science tells us that CO2 emmissions increase the greenhouse effect by trapping heat energy in the atmosphere.

    Rubio is a liar. But he's a Tea Bagger, no surprise there!!

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    • Of course rubio lied, and he doesn't get fact checked, just the comment alone is truth enough for a rwnj. Obama on the other hand is fact checked and lied about, daily.
      Pres was right on in his address, not a lie spoken. That's ridiculous to even suggest any of it was "lying." Not sure what this vendetta is all about against Pres Obama, except yes boys and girls he IS drinking from the Whites Only water fountain.

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    • You are trying to support Obama's ignorance, and understanding of basic economics? lol! Today's l;iberal blab. "Should the minimum wage be raised?" Typical liberal ignorance. The wage gets raised by supply demand for labor, not by some socialsits in govt. Raising he minimum by socilaists in govt just creates more unemployment, and basic job training needed by folks wanting to enter the work force. You libs had better go on the Rubio attack soon, because Rubio will kick Obama' s #$%$ all over the place. Rubio is willing, able, and motivated to take on Obama, and expose his failed ideology unlike Romney.

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