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  • hawcreek12 hawcreek12 Feb 15, 2013 10:50 AM Flag

    The young people today are not like those in my generation


    Now all the lefties are expecting me to trash today's youth but no.

    Trips to my old Alma matter (which is far more discerning than when I was allowed in) find the denizens of the Florida campus, polite, helpful, bright and focused and outwardly tolerant of the old coots visiting.

    In my day the future Obama and Pelosi types on campus, sharing a bowl with their Marxist professors, were too often unkind and intolerant.

    If you visit a higher end university campus you find the best of the country and faith is restored. Now no doubt the brainwashing they have been through and the lack of real world business experience has many of them accepting the political lies of the left, but I am confident in time the current college generation will do better for the nation than the baby boomer generation.

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    • But they don't speak English. They don't say, "I said..." or "I thought...", they say, "I'm like whoa...".

    • You, in your generation, are not like the generation that came before, the Great Generation. They sacrificed, they worked, they paid taxes to the country they saved and love. Now you think the building of things for progress is wasting money, and you think you still own your tax money after you pay it, if you pay any.

      The young people are too preoccupied with gadgets and themselves, but they seem to be a lot more tolerant than you.

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    • Higher education in Florida, lol. I'm wintering over here in Juno Beach where most folks are from the Northeast. We bring our cash to Florida and keep the economy going. Go north of Palm Beach County and you are in Alabama.

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