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  • hawcreek12 hawcreek12 Mar 23, 2013 6:02 PM Flag

    Here is the frustrating thing our clueless 'leader' can't seem to grasp


    having never done anything to create wealth himself.

    Everyone save one person in my sphere has had to cut back on spending. The dolt in Chief whines that he has MORE to spend but less than he wants.

    He is lying about the sequester. The local airport chief (Albert Whitted) says if the FAA took out their scalpel they could cut and the public would never feel it, "instead they took out their axe" he said.

    To me seven people locally losing their jobs is unconscionable so the treasonous dolt in chief can make a political statement which is in fact a lie.

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    • hahahacreek Mar 24, 2013 10:46 PM Flag

      No leader is as Clueless as Steve Ballmer. He can't grasp why nobody is buying Windows 8, RT Tablets or Lumina Smartphones. I got a clue for you. Metro Sucks!

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • Just remember Eisenhower, spending to structure America to the top, and the 91% tax rate the wealthy paid. Why not, they live here, they were enabled to make money here, why shouldn't they want to give from their excess? Not the widow and her mites to be expected to improve the nation. And the wealthy, great Americans they were just off WWII, paid. Now, not the same kind of patriots. Not all, but repub congress proves they just don't want to pay for what they have received.

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      • ghosan- The media WILL NOT follow up to see who is paying more but their contributors will have all the loopholes needed. Democrats & Republicans just like in the 50's. The oil co's gave more to democrats - Soro - hollywood - athlete's - they are after $$ and power. Obama will be buying his daughters 10 million dollar homes soon. Did you know not long ago Sam Donaldson was getting 80K per year for goat (farm in Arizona) hair that hadn't been used since WWII.

      • ghos ... Response to "Just remember Eisenhower" In the 1950s total government spending (fed, state and local) was in the high 20% of GDP area. Today total government spending is at 40% of GDP. And it was only a matter of a few years that Kennedy lowered that 91% to 70% (with just about the same loopholes).

        And when thinking about the 91% tax level, you have to understand the loopholes that existed and the inflation adjusted income levels that it applied to. (The loopholes were huge ... we would shake our heads in disbelief today if anyone cares to, or has the time, to understand them.)

    • He is making sure the cuts are felt by everybody not just the poor.
      I know you would rather see some welfare recipients dying in the streets but Obama is just not gonna let that happen.

    • Pres has plenty of wealth he created, you wish you had that kind. He has a remarkable grasp of all and varied situations. The world agrees.

    • "clueless leader" a play on "fearless leader". In ancient times a military leader was expected to lead his soldiers into battle, putting himself more at risk than any of his followers. Not a bad idea, in some ways...

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      • No play, just the facts. Obama is clueless, and anything but a leader. When you support the $800 billion dollar stimulus that he then admitted was a failure, and do it right after Bush turned a recession around, and then the 9-11 attack on top of the recession designed to destroy our economy...did it with tax CUTS that produced the longest, and strongest economy in American are definitely clueless.

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