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  • hawcreek12 hawcreek12 Mar 25, 2013 1:41 PM Flag

    Equal rights for gays? Absolutely yes, but they can't be married any more than they can


    procreate. You may feel God is being unfair but both take a man and a woman.

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    • Do you make an exception for yourself?

    • Consummation or consummation of a marriage, in many traditions and statutes of civil or religious law, is the first (or first officially credited) act of sexual intercourse between two people, either following their marriage to each other or after a prolonged sexual attraction. Its legal significance arises from theories of marriage as having the purpose of producing legally recognized descendants of the partners, or of providing sanction to their sexual acts together, or both, and amounts to treating a marriage ceremony as falling short of completing the creation of the state of being married. Thus in some Western traditions, a marriage is not considered a binding contract until and unless it has been consummated.

    • Strange, some people here don't seem to know what it takes to "consummate" a marriage.

    • The problems of the usa are at the top, get them straight ou get them out. The rest of the country will follow a good cause.

    • Barack Obama supports same sex marriage. He also voted for infanticide when he was in the Illinois Senate but now he lies about it..

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      • "Barack Obama supports same sex marriage."

        That's right too bad you didn't isten to him on why, as he himself evolved important principles on the subject. Why don't you open the mind and do the same. Other's religion, or lack of, is not your business, mind your own business. Try to talk them into your views if you like but you are no better than anyone to impose your views.
        Oddly you probably are outraged by the NY large drink ban attempt, don't like others telling you what to do.
        God fearing Democrat convert from Republican.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Same-sex "marriage" is an oxymoron being pumped by homosexuals and godless liberals who also think they have a "right" to murder their unborn babies. There seems to be no level of immorality to which these people will not stoop and they work to gain political power to advance their evil agenda. So good people had better wake up while there is still time.

    • Gay marriage is a good thing. Then gays can be just as miserable as everybody else!

    • I agree, though God/religion is irrelevant. "Marriage" is the merging of DNA that leads to offspring. Obviously that doesn't happen with gays. No reason they shouldn't be able to form legally binding partnerships, but the law doesn't change biology.

    • If you are sterile and so is your partner you can't procreate, but you can marry. Marriage is defined legally by whoever is allowed to get a license. Religion is a personal issue. Imposing your religion on others is not allowed, last I checked.

    • You don't need to be religious to get married with a marriage license. After getting that, you are married, and can be "gay" or "not gay." Otherwise, prohibiting "gays" to marry, the lawyers will lose business later, and you know you want more business, for the "producers." Look at it that way , it's good for business.
      Now go back in time and explain how ronmey's mormon ancestors could marry one man, and a bunch of women. Or is that why they fled America? ho ho ho

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